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MyFolio Logo

MyFolio offers artists & organizations access to its logo and icons for personal or business use under the following guidelines:

Logo Usage Guidelines

  1. MyFolio shall be referred to with a capital "M" and capital "F" with all other letters being lower case: "MyFolio"
  2. Create your own icons/banners from the assets listed in the Logo Downloads and Icons sections below
  3. There is no color restrictions, you can use any color combinations. We have provided the company colors which are:
    • Hexadecimal Web Colors - (Blue: #347CD5) (Black: #2d3438)
  4. You can separate the "M" from the rest of the logo.

The assets should NOT be used under the following:

  1. The logo or "M" character and icons should not be stretched or skewed or distorted. The assets can be scaled proportionately only.
  2. Do not imply ownership or association unless you have written consent by MyFolio
  3. Do not modify the logo by anything to it like "powered by" or any other icon or imagery

Logo Downloads

Black Logo (EPS PNG) , Blue Logo (EPS PNG) Black M (EPS PNG) , Blue M (EPS PNG)
White Logo (EPS PNG) White M (EPS PNG)


Click on any icon above to download Zip file of PNG variations
(black, blue, white: 256px, 128px, 64px, 32px, 16px)

If you have any questions or any new icons, banners or MyFolio branding you would like to share, please contact us.